Master the 1 on 1 Sales Conversation & Skyrocket Your Revenue
How Would You Like To Double
Or Triple Your Sales In Half The Time?  

Exclusive 2 Day Event 

June 9th, 10th & 11th in New Jersey

Does This Sound Familiar?
  •  YOU WORK LONG HOURS - But you don't make the money you know you deserve to make
  •  YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO OFFER - But still are making less than you're worth
  •  YOU MIGHT BE GOOD AT CLOSING WARM LEADS - But you're not great at closing cold leads
  •  YOU LOVE HELPING PEOPLE - But aren't making a BIG enough impact b/c you're spending too much time servicing existing clients
  •  YOU HAVE AMAZING VALUE - But don't know how to package your services and make compelling offers
  •  YOU HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL - But feel like you haven't come close to reaching it
Successful Sales Strategies Have Changed. 
Are You Still Using Archaic Techniques?
The world has changed. The way people think, act and make buying decisions has evolved dramatically. If you're still selling like you did 20 years ago, you're doing yourself and your clients a huge disservice. It's time to update your selling skills and enter into the new age of sales success.
Here's what you'll learn:
  •  How to effectively sell in today's day and age, so the sales conversation is really about discovering if there's a fit, instead of closing a sale. 
  •  The 6 step sales process called the "Holy Grail of Sales" to ethically influence anybody to get what they truly want. Maintain integrity while dramatically increasing your ability to persuade clients to make a positive decision to buy.  
  •  One of the most powerful techniques on Earth - STORY TELLING - to influence your prospects, without having to "sell" them.
  •  How to replace "handling objections" with "anticipating objections" which transforms any objection into a request to buy.
  •  What your prospects must believe in order to buy. This will help you get your prospects to make faster buying decisions, so you don't have to chase them to get a "YES."
  •  How to master the "Stages of the Sale Stair-Step Technique" and to effortlessly drive prospects through each stage, so they are eager and ready to buy.
Are you a business owner, entrepreneur or sales professional who would love a simple system to convert sales and help your clients get transformational and sustainable results?


Sales and business training for heart centered professionals who care about impact and change!

This training will help you serve your clients at the highest level and help them get lasting results they want and need. 
All while you get paid handsomely for it, and feel totally fulfilled that you're making a difference! 

You’re going to learn my secrets for creating your very own sales conversion machine, so you can grow a successful, sustainable, profitable business AND get your work out into the world without 80-hour work weeks, tons of start up money OR feeling at all salesy!
Sales Happens Every Step Of The Way. 
Are Your Optimizing Your Sales Conversation, Or Leaving Thousands Of Dollars On The Table?  
Conversion is everything. You need optimal sales strategies when converting leads into appointments, when asking for referrals, when speaking from the stage, when up-selling a product or even when keeping an existing client. Mastering sales is the key to increasing your revenue and helping more people.
This is PURE Training To Help You.
(This is NOT a pitch fest!)

This is a Unique "Advanced Training" that will give you
the exact tools you need to close more clients
and increase your revenue

In this intimate setting, you'll get: 
Denise DePaola
CEO of FundAdministration, Inc.
"One of the most amazing techniques I learned from Robyn was something called 'the takeaway.' By using this strategy alone, I've gotten clients who I've tried to turn down, to practically beg me to work with them. I've brought in over $100K just from implementing this one thing!"
In just 2 days, you and I are going to create:

- Your personal high-ticket selling system and high-ticket program

- Your customized sales scripts for each step of your sales funnel

- Your personal action plan to make sure all these systems are seamlessly working for you whether you’re meeting your prospective clients online or at a live event
No longer will you be confused about what to say to prospects. Instead, you'll learn what to "ask", so that your prospects begin to sell themselves.

You'll be READY to take action and make some SERIOUS MONEY!
Of course, it's never really about the money. 
It's about YOU being the best YOU 
and helping more people.
Currently, you might be facing the challenges of:
  •  Chasing prospects throughout a long sales cycle, that often ends up being a waste of time
  •  Attracting the right client, who appreciates your value and is willing to pay for it
  •  Making irresistible offers, so prospects want to buy from you
  •  Closing sales consistently and effortlessly
  •  Raising your price points for your services and programs
  •  Packaging your products/services so you get paid for the value, not the time
  • Spending too much time on the "tirekickers," who monopolize your time

The RESULTS speak for themselves
Christa Gesztesi
Licensed Brain Gym® Consultant
"My biggest take away was learning to sell my service with the purpose of changing lives.

Prior to working with Robyn, selling always felt uncomfortable, dirty, and conniving.  Robyn gives sales purpose and meaning.

My total sales in the last 3 months (since the event) were more than DOUBLE my TOTAL SALES from ALL of 2015!! And…I’m changing lives!""
Ready to save your spot?
June 9th, 10th & 11th
10am - 6:30pm
Janet Wise
Personal Branding Expert
"Robyn has been the first coach I've worked with who focuses on sales and making money...but it's all for a greater purpose —to give clients real transformation. After learning the sales process, I closed 8 out of 14 strategy sessions (making over $2K) and then another $5K in one single day! "
Attending this event will help you:
  •  Attract more IDEAL clients
  •  Get paid MORE money for LESS of your time
  •  Get clients who LOVE to work with you and APPRECIATE your value
  •  Get COMMITTED clients who take action, have success and thus, give you REFERRALS
  •  Customize your sales scripts so it feels EASY and NATURAL to apply
  •  Get HANDS-ON HELP with your specific problems
  •  Shift your MINDSET, so closing sales becomes FUN
You Will Have Many More Breakthroughs at the 
Advanced Sales Mastery Event. 
You'll be amazed at how much you can learn and how much the way you think about your sales will change— in just one weekend.

And... you'll have a ton of FUN!

You'll also get to connect with like-minded people who have similar problems and are committed to increasing their revenue and helping more people, just like you. 

This is the turning point to help you get everything you want. 

More money = better quality of life!
This is for you if you...
  •  Have inconsistent monthly income
  •  Are making offers, but do not get an immediate "Yes"
  •  Are charging an hourly rate and trading time for money
  •  Don't sell high ticket programs (but want to)
  •  You've been playing small and have the potential to make more $ and help more people
  •  Are overwhelmed, busy and confused about where to spend your time
Dave Bragg
Owner of Silicon Valley Real Ventures
"Robyn helped me recognize the value I brought to my customers. I had been spending so much time on the sales cycle of a customer. She helped me shorten the time I was spending on closing clients and elevate my goals."
Optimize Every Opportunity!!!!
You have opportunities around every corner. Learn to optimize "every step", so you scoop-up the money that's there waiting for you.
...if you are not coachable, not willing to be open, not willing to help others, or not willing to take responsibility for your success
...if you don't have integrity when it comes to business, and want to make money in a deceptive or manipulative way
...if you blame other people or circumstances for your problems, or are an excuse maker or a "know-it-all"
It wasn't that long ago when I was $47,812 in debt
When I first started a business as a financial advisor, I was struggling. I had no idea how to get leads, how to stand out from the competition, or how to close sales.

I was making $2K/m and had no assets and didn't even own a home. I felt like a total fraud.

I felt like a fraud because I was supposed to be helping people get wealthy but I was not wealthy myself. 

After several attempts to learn to grow my business by investing in seminars and "inexpensive" coaches, I finally hired the right coach. Though he was "expensive" his coaching cost me NOTHING, because my business skyrocketed.

With I learned the sales process, I increased my prices (and the value!) by 40Xs! Within 18 months, I hit 6-figures and then wiped all my credit card debt. Since then, I've more than doubled my income several times over.

Today, I pride myself on being a coach and mentor, who gets her clients REAL financial results.

I'm most proud of my incredible community of like-minded women and the financial results of my students and clients. They are breaking through financial barriers even faster than I did!

Event Details:
June 9th, 10th & 11th
10am - 6:30pm
650 Terrace Ave.
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
What to Bring
All you need to bring is an open mind
and willingness to learn and take action!
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